10 Pounds Thinner – How to Dress your Body

10 Pounds Thinner – How to Dress your Body


10 pounds Thinner – How to Dress your Body

There is definitely something to be said about regular exercise and a healthy diet – but there are also ways to look just about 10 pounds thinner – without even hitting the gym…so the big question is…how do we go about looking 10 pounds thinner? how do we dress our bodies…to appear slimmer?

Know Your Body Type

We all have different body types: Banana, Apple, Pear or Hourglass category. Knowing this to start, isn’t just good when looking at the fashion world and trying to figure out what fits you best, but it is also helpful to know this as it can also give you some insight into your overall health and well-being. There are certain characteristics and that are associated with different body types – things that can give you indications about what you should watch out for – food-wise or from health disease prevention standpoint, but along with getting to know your body better – you’ll also have a better idea of what will look best on your body from a fashion perspective.

Highlight Your Assets

Once you have had a chance to really assess your body and understand your shape…along with other characteristics – you can start to look for pieces that are generally flattering on your body. As an example, if you fall in the ‘Hourglass’ category – looking for pieces that cinch at the waist – perhaps a peplum top or a dress that comes closer to your body – is the way to go! Alternatively, if you notice that you are a little heavier on the top vs. the bottom – where proportions are concerned – then you might want to go for an a-line skirt that cinches at your waist and then flares out – to create a bit of balance. Taking all of these things into consideration, will allow you to make better choices on your next shopping spree…and ultimately make you look slimmer on the whole, since you are highlighting all of the ‘right’ places πŸ˜‰

Pick Good Colours

Lastly – knowing your shape and picking the right pieces that highlight the right areas is one thing – but picking the right colour also makes a difference.

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