2017 Fashion Trends – What is ‘In̵...

2017 Fashion Trends – What is ‘In’ This Season


2017 Fashion Trends

The big question we always have is – what will be trending in the upcoming months and what is trending right now! We always want to stay on top of fashion trends to make sure that I am sporting what is ‘in’ – this is what we’ve noticed is totally on point for 2017!


Pleats are making a comeback! This was a thing in the 80s, but is now making a come back in 2017…not quite in the same way however. We are seeing pleats show through more or less in a more understated form – showing up in the form of effortless long skirts and where dresses are cinched at the waist.


Suede is always ‘in’ – who are we kidding – but we’re seeing suede featured on footwear a lot more this season! We’ve been seeing high over-the-knee boots showing up all over social media over the last couple of months as we transitioned into fall/winter! Looks like these babies are going to be around for a bit longer! Have to admit it is great to see so much variety as well – we’re talking grey boots, black – yes – I know – this is a shade πŸ˜‰ – burgundy…and much more!

Whole Leather Outfit

Leather is another one of those materials that will also always be in…but this season we are seeing the ‘all-over-leather’ look making a splash – mostly in the form of fitted or structured leather dresses! Also seeing variety in colour on this front as well – reds, yellows, blues…and much more!

Cropped Ankle Pant

This is always a solid ‘go-to’ work look, but can also be pulled off as a chic ‘night-on-the-town’ look or a chic dinner with the ladies! I love pairing crop pants with high heels – makes the look a bit sexier…yet still keeps this mystery going πŸ˜‰

High Slits

I think we all remember that iconic Jennifer Lopez high slit moment – well – she’s making a comeback this season as well! Showing a bit of leg is something that will never really go out of style, but it is more the way in which we show it! This season we’re seeing the slit appearing on the sides of dresses – usually dresses that have a bit of length and elegance to them!

Faux Fur

We’ve posted about fur before – and well – she is still here in 2017! Fur really jazzes up an outfit without having to do much! This season we are seeing fur come back with print – keeping things relevant to the season and also making a bit more of a statement.
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