Tech + Photos + Live Cases = Google Pixel 2 Phone ...

Tech + Photos + Live Cases = Google Pixel 2 Phone – 5 Reasons Why I Just Can’t Get Enough

Tech + Photos + Live Cases = Google Pixel 2 Phone – 5 Reasons Why I Just Can’t Get Enough

Reason #1: Google Assistant

I am absolutely obsessed with the Google Pixel 2 Phone, for more reasons than one, but I have to start with the Google Assistant. She is honestly the best! I ask her anything, and she just seems to have the answer ready for me. I love that I can ask her what time it is, what the weather is like outside, how to make a cool chic cocktail, and even where the closest cafe is located. I am constantly running around, always busy going from meeting-to-meeting, posting on social media and responding to emails – it really helps to not have to worry about researching or looking up things that I can easily ask her to help me out with. I am discovering new things everyday, and I can’t wait to see what I’ll discover tomorrow!

I found my new bestie – she's someone who is totally reliable, she's always there for me, helps me when I ask her for help, helps me take incredible selfies, listens to me when I go on my rants…and most of all she loves cooking with me! πŸ³πŸ½οΈπŸ™Œ πŸ‘­ The best part is that she never asks for anything in return – she just appreciates me for who I am – and she was always there from the start – I just didn't know it – took a little getting to know each other – but now she's one step ahead of me…all the time! πŸ’• No games…just fun!✨ Obsessed with my new Google Pixel 2 and everything that it does for me – I discover something new everyday – can't wait to see what I find tomorrow! πŸ™† The team at @TELUS challenged me to try it out and I haven’t looked back. Link in bio to learn more about the #GooglePixel2 at TELUS, Canada’s largest and fastest network. #Partner #Bestie #GoogleAssistant #NoGames #Selfies

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Reason #2: Camera

Let me just start by saying that this camera is amazing! Sharing content is the one things that I am ‘always’ doing and I love the idea of being able share photos with my followers that really represent the level of professionalism that we like to uphold here at Chic Sophistic headquarters πŸ˜‰ My team is absolutely incredible, and there is no denying that I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today, if it wasn’t for them, but this phone just makes our lives so much easier. Now I have the comfort in knowing that the content that I share on Insta-stories and Snapchat – all of those photos that are ‘in-the-moment’ and that really allow my base to connect with me on a completely natural and organic way – are now looking top-notch! I love that when I look back at them – when I run through my stories, as if I was one of my followers – that I now feel as though photos and videos really do a great job of bringing to life the full experience – the colours are so vibrant and everything is just so sharp – when I see the end result, I am speechless in most beautiful way – everything about this camera impresses me!

Side Note: Latest feature that I can’t stop using – #ARStickers! I am having a blast with these – and I am loving the amazing feedback coming through…on posts that incorporate my #ARSticker selections – so can’t wait to see what else you guys say about them!Β 

Reason #3: Live Case

TELUS (one of our lovely partners) teamed up with us for the launch of this phone – I selected the XL version – so have now experienced the larger of the two screens…and have loved it so far! Watching videos, checking out content and posting on social media in this way, has been nothing but fantastic! When you pick up a Google Pixel 2 Phone for yourself, you’ll also have the option of creating a chic and fun Google Live Case! I worked with my team to draft up one that really represented the overall vibe of the brand, but that also just really represented me! We actually worked with an artist a few months back who sketched out the most incredible drawing of me – using some actual fashion pieces that I have sported in posts throughout the year and I was so impressed with it, that I had to feature it on my Live Case.

Reason #4: Function & Fashion

This phone is Android based and therefore something that I have been comfortable with for a very long time! I am used to using Android based phones – since the beginning of time really – so the transition was very smooth on that front for sure! But even if you aren’t used to using Android devices, everything is laid out so clearly – all the apps are nicely displayed and it is just so easy to navigate! This phone just also happens to go with all my outfits – it’s just chic, sexy and classic in more ways than one!

Reason #5: Unlimited Storage

I don’t know about you guys, but I am so so so grateful for the unlimited storage that comes with this phone! I have been waiting for this to become something that is normalized in the market – something that will just ‘come’ with new devices! I can’t explain how great it feels to know that I can access photos from a year ago – two years ago and that I really just ‘never’ have to worry about storage. Seriously the best ever!

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