Movie stars, fashion and beauty at TIFF

Movie stars, fashion and beauty at TIFF


Movie stars, fashion and beauty at TIFF

When #TIFF rolls around…there is always a great deal of excitement and anticipation in the air – we are curious to see what films are going to be featured and also see if anything that we are interested in…actually helps give us those “ah hah” moments – as once coined by #Oprah.

This year, I dropped in for a few events and went to see a couple of films that caught my eye, but have to admit that I really took something away from the film #LaMujerDelAnimal.


It was a film that was based on a true story, designed to give us a brief look into that lives of many women around the world who deal with abuse and rape, but that also find themselves in a position where they receive little to no support from the women around them.

Although not always in the same context, we find that that is often the case with women – we tend to hold eachother back rather than propel eachother forward. We find that there is often I feel that it is necessary.

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