Anti-Aging – Prevention is a Thing

Anti-Aging – Prevention is a Thing


Anti-Aging – Prevention is a ThingΒ 

I attended a @VichyCanada event the other day and really discovered a lot about my skin. I think something that most of us forget to think about in our younger years is ‘prevention‘. We all like to think we will never age, never be affected by our surroundings or the food we eat…but I always say that it is better to live in ‘reality’ than in ‘denial’. The more we educate ourselves about things, the more we learn, the more we discover, and ultimately, the more we ‘know’ – knowledge allows us to make better choices and decisions in our lives – with the intention of doing the best for ourselves!


When I arrived at the event, it started with a presentation – led by Dr. Charles Morin (Canada Research Chair in Behavioural Sleep Medicine) who spoke about the importance of sleep and it’s connection to our skin…and overall well being. While my understanding was that it isn’t as if sleep is the solution to all of our skin concerns, but the discussion was just more to inform us about the ways in which sleep can positively impact our lives. Sometimes it is also about how we see ourselves and how we feel – as a result of getting enough sleep or not enough sleep – that can impact our overall outlook on things. So in general, if we take care of our selves and get enough sleep


Then there was another speaker who came on to talk about our skin and how some of what we see happening to our skin is ‘intrinsic’ – as in hereditary or having to do with our parents and the type of DNA that we have – but then also speaking to much of what is ‘extrinsic’ – which in this case would be all of the external pollutants that can affect our skin – i.e. sun damage, our computer screens, cellphones, etc. – which means that although a small percentage of how we age is directly linked to our DNA…a larger percentage is linked to the things we expose ourselves too as well as how much work we do to ‘prevent’ the degree of damage that occurs.

The Idealia Routine

I had the best personalized mini-presentation – a few key nuggets featured in one of my latest vlogs – and I now have a really good idea of what Idelia does πŸ˜‰ In all honesty – the product was so gentle, smelled amazing and had such a nice finish on it! Half the time skincare…can be kind of cake-y…but using these products – pretty seamless! Ideally – if you follow the Idelia Routine – you should be able to see some change in the brightness of your skin, reduction in your fine lines and pores that look a bit smaller in size.

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