Beauty Unboxing – Exclusive Covergirl + Chic...

Beauty Unboxing – Exclusive Covergirl + Chic Sophistic Makeup Gift


COVERGIRL Beauty Unboxing

The other day I came home to an unexpected gift from @COVERGIRL! I really was impressed with the artwork and with how personalized this was! Once I actually opened up this box, I thought…I have to share this with you guys and actually do an official ‘unboxing’ post!


The packaging was so clean and chic – I was excited to see what was inside! When I opened the box, there were a few products that I fell in love with at a couple of the #COVERGIRL events that I have attended…over the last few weeks – the So Lashy Mascara was the feature at the #Vault event – I tried that out on my lashes that day and was really happy with the results! The 3-in-1 brush set made it so easy for me to play around with my lashes and get the best result. I especially liked the spike at the tip of the brush…that helped lift my lashes at each corner!


The next thing that I noticed in the box was the TrueNaked Jewel Eyeshadow PaletteΒ – I fell in love with this instantly too – I love that these Palettes – they have so many colour options included – totally makes it easy for me to travel with make up and they just simplify my life! I also am a huge fan of the Roses Palette – I find that the brown and pink tones in there happen to really compliment my eye colour – so you can imagine how often I use that one πŸ˜‰

Brow Filler

Then I moved on to the brow products – COVERGIRL included products that aligned with the colour of my brows, allowing me to keep a very natural look when filling them in. I have pretty thick eyebrows as it is, but that is something that I have really learned to love and appreciate over the years…and now I want to actually draw more attention to them!


Last but not least…there were Outlast LipstickΒ colours included in this box as well – and I have to admit, I’m a little obsessed with these! The one thing I need when I am running around from event to event, is to have something that lasts – a lip colour that makes a statement, but that doesn’t have you worrying about leaving your mark on people’s cheeks, your wine glass, your dinner napkin – it is such a relief! A+ from me on this product! I am actually wearing the Universal colour in this post!

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