Why Black is Always Trendy!

Why Black is Always Trendy!


Black is Always Trendy!

We are always wondering why black is seen every season used in multiple ways – it is just one of those classic ‘shades’. In my opinion – black will always be in!


Black pieces are always looked at as items that are ‘slimming’! It isn’t necessarily that black blazers, dresses or jeans make you look slimmer – but they are perceived to make you looks slimmer! This has been a subject of much debate for many years, and ultimately I think it always lands on how you think you look in an outfit – that really determines whether it is truly slimming or flattering in general


Black has always been coined in statements as being sexy – as an example – we often hear about the Sexy LBD – Little Black Dress – it’s just a shade that most people feel really comfortable in and that tends to give us a streamlined look! Ideally, speaking from a women’s perspective – you always want to look sexy but effortless – for the most part!


The other thing that I find is iconic about black is that it is also perceived as ‘classy’. We see images of Audrey Hepburn in movies on posters, and other actors and actresses over time and even in modern day photos – that show us that black is still definitely a truly ‘classic’ choice! Black is always a safe bet and it’s something I definitely noticed during my stay in Paris – the very Parisian thing to do was stick to black as much as possible – and it really does give off a sense of effortlessness!




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