Soooo – Over-the-Knee boots – that is all. Β Not much I have to say about these puppies – they do all the work for me πŸ˜‰ I am definitely in love with these this season. I love pairing them with shorts, jumpers or aline skirts – just really pulls the whole outfit together. I love that you can literally go from drab to fab in one minute – those boots definitely make a statement. There are however a couple of rules that I like to follow when it comes to pairing these boots with outfits!

Boot Material & Colour

The material of the boot makes a difference – if it is suede, matte leather, shiny leather etc…it can affect the overall look. Over-the-knee boots are pretty versatile when they the rightΒ material and colour. I find that going with a beige or grey toned boot…always results in a pretty nice look – it gives off a sense of confidence and assertiveness that is attractive, yet emits a level of certainty that shows the world that you can’t be toyed with πŸ˜‰ #confidenceisqueen

Boot Height

The height of the boot can change everything. If a boot is flat, it really does go with pretty much everything…but when there is a bit of height, I usually like to sport those out in the evenings…or for events that are a bit more glam!

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