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#ChicAtTheMoxy – Our #Paris Experience – Travel. Tourism. Lifestyle. Life At Moxy Paris Bastille

Travel is always one of those things that we love to do! At least I know I certainly do. It is refreshing – it serves as a change of pace – gives us an opportunity to regroup and asses what we’re doing in our lives – and well – it’s just usually fun!

The team I love travelling – we love exploring new worlds – new places – new cities – trying out new food – get a true ‘taste’ of new cultures and experiences – and well – we also love returning to some of our favourite hot spots around the world. One that many I’m sure will agree lands right at the top of their list as well – #Paris. Paris is an incredible – it has been called the ‘city of lights’ – a city filled with ‘romanticism’ and much more! There are literally endless things to see and do in this gorgeous city – which keeps us coming back! I often even just head to a bistro and sit out on the patio with my fresh espresso – and just start people watching! Just start observing – looking at the beautiful views – the stunning architecture – this is a sense of just total appreciation for that moment that comes over me! 

Before even getting to Paris – or to my new destination – wherever that may be – there is always the question of where to book a hotel – what kind of hotel – where exactly are we going to staying – what is close by – is it a good area? These are all good questions to ask yourself. Of course there is some research to be done when going anywhere – but what I always love to look for is a spot that feels comfortable – somewhere that is close to the attractions that I like – usually that means it’s in a good area – somewhere that feels safe and maybe even trendy! You know me – I’m always looking to share some chic fun photos as well – so that also crosses my mind. This time around we landed at the Moxy Paris Bastille – and boy was that a great choice! And here’s why!

The Moxy Paris Bastille is part of a group of Moxy hotels – all tied to the Marriott brand – and they are intended to be a more accessible option for most people on the monetary front – but also serve as the perfect hot spot for just feeling totally at ease – totally comfortable and just in a great space for tourism and for exploring a city that you either already love or one that you are just about to discover – in this case – we’re talking #Paris! 
One of the best things about the Moxy Paris Bastille was really all of the eclectic items that were visible all around the hotel. The main space downstairs was perfect for guests – you literally could book a meeting – connect with friends or catch up over a drink casually here and there were so many conversation starters – literally at every corner. This made the space so interesting – and so exciting. The coolest part is that each element had it’s own deeper story to tell – there were so many things that I learned about the hotel when being toured around – and it was just great to see so much enthusiasm for the space and for telling some real human stories. This created such a strong connection for me when I first entered the space – and it made me feel at home right away.

When heading up to my room – I was greeted with chic and fun positive messages everywhere – some on the mirror in the room – some amazing lovely XO messages in the bathroom – perfect for those moments when we look in the mirror and start to doubt our beauty and all that we are – those little touches made all the difference. Closet space was pretty minimal – but that’s exactly how I like it – I never us the space in the closet when staying in hotels anyway – so what that meant is that we had more bed space and more room in the room – overall. The view was amazing – Paris is beautiful no matter where you look – so absolutely no complaints there – and we were so close to all things amazing. 

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