Coffee, Croissants & Cafes!

Coffee, Croissants & Cafes!

Popped into one of my favourite cafes today – and just thought that you guys might want to be a part of this experience with me! I did a quick poll on Insta-stories asking you all … if you wanted me to start sharing a bit more re: Weekend ideas – places I that I pop into and love to visit – and to start talking a bit more about what I do to come up with plans for the weekend in general – so here we are! Might start making this a ‘thing’ – posting baked goods and other fun things that I see at cafes, bakeries and other cool hot spots around the city – or even when I travel – if this continues to be interesting to you all my awesome readers! Yup – that’s you guys!

Cafes & Experiences

One of the things that I love to do on an ongoing basis is to look at almost everything in my life as an ‘experience’. I’m living a ‘life’ and therefore creating a ‘lifestyle’ … so why not make everyday – every experience – something enjoyable and interesting? To really feel like I’m making the most of things. I always stop to admire what I’m looking at – I think about all the work that went into making – what in this case – is a wide range of delicious looking desserts and breakfast goodies – and really start to bring myself into the moment – to truly be living and ‘experiencing’ all of this … in the present. Then I tend to pay attention to the smell of these fresh baked goods … and good memories really start flowing in! I think back to my travels and the cities that I have visited – the restaurants and bakeries that I dropped into … and all of the yummy desserts that I have had the opportunity to try and again ‘experience’. Paris and Nice (France) … of course … come back to mind first …but then I remember all of the amazing pastries that I tried in Bogota (Colombia) – and all of the other amazing food and drinks that I got a taste of – and happened to also share on social.Β  Which one of the below is your favourite? And what memories come back to you when you smell amazing delicious pastries? πŸ˜‰


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