Coffee or Tea?


Tea Time!

Along with all of my other New Year’s Resolutions – I have been looking to explore new things this year – create new experiences and crossing off a few more things on my bucket list! When I check in with friends and family, this tends to be the time that people start dropping off and not really sticking to their goals for the new year…so I thought this would be a great time to re-evaluate things πŸ˜‰

Coffee or Tea?

While I don’t think I’ll ever give up coffee…what I can say is that I have developed a whole new appreciation for tea… after trying four different Traditional Tea flavours at @tearenstea! I popped into the Yorkville location to see what all the buzz was about – and I have to admit – I loved all of them! I did have two favourites – Iron Goddess Milk Tea – I mean…come on ‘you had me at hello’ with that name – and the Hokkaido Black Tea Slush. I tend to be someone who is not really a fan of beverages that are too sweet…or that at least that taste too sweet…and all of these really hit my pallet in a good way! What I really liked about those two in particular – is that they had a creaminess to them…and the flavour profile was pretty complex – just as I thought I finished tasting one flavour – another one presented itself!

I also took the time to do a bit of research and find out what some of the general benefits to tea really are – this is some of what I found – tea could help:

  • protecting your bones
  • with battling cancer
  • your risk of heart attack or stroke
  • with weight loss
  • your immune system

Bi-lou Green Tea

Iron Goddess Milk Tea

Hokkaido Black Tea Slush

Pu – erh Milk Tea



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