ComiCon – Riddle Me This!

ComiCon – Riddle Me This!

I had a chance to drop in and check out this year’s ComiCon event … where I was just so impressed with all of the costumes and outfits! What impressed me even more … was all of the time and effort that went into making all of it look so real. Everyone who showed up – was genuinely passionate about comics and superheros …science fiction … all good things that inspire us to step out of our comfort zone and just go for it!

The History

When I did a bit of digging around and found out a bit more about how Comic-Con all got started – I discovered that it actually began in 1970 – in San Diego – and was tagged “Comic-ConΒ International”! What essentially happened is that a small group of comic fans got together and decided to put on the 1st comic book convention – and voila – here we are today! Sometimes that’s all it takes to create something legendary – something that could go on for years and really add joy into people’s lives!

ComiCon Culture

What I actually love about conventions like these is that they not only speak to the excitement and freedom of expression that comes with the ‘ComiCon culture’ – but it also just gives adults a chance to let go and let the ‘child’ within them – come out to play for a day or two! Deep in our hearts – we all have that yearning to tap into childhood memories … ‘times’ when things were maybe just a little bit easier – responsibilities weren’t as great as they are today – a time when we were likely accepted for who we were – a time when maybe … things just seemed to make a bit more sense!

The Lesson

Here’s what I took away from all this! I now realize I have to prep for the next Comicon event and come as my superhero! I’ve been pretty addicted to Game of Thrones for quite some time – and have been told quite a few times that I look like “Khaleesi” – so who knows – maybe you’ll see me … and my dragon … at the next Comicon Event!

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