Fashionable Lips – Covergirl Outlast Lip Col...

Fashionable Lips – Covergirl Outlast Lip Colour


Fashionable Lips – Covergirl Outlast Lip Colour

The Covergirl #Outlast Lip Colour is pretty impressive! I have used and tested out a number of lipsticks…since what feels like the beginning of time…and I have to admit that this one is just awesome on so many levels.
For one…it comes packaged as ‘Universal’ – which means depending on who applies it…the result could be different. I have seen the same lip colour have a deeper darker undertone on one person vs. a lighter brighter more red-ish tone on another. I also often find that lip products advertise themselves as being all-day lasting, but when you actually test the product out…it disappoints. This lip colour is not only intense and fills your lips – but it actually lasts all day long. The other thing that I totally appreciated about this product, is that it also comes with a lip moisturizer that you can apply after your lip colour has set. The ‘setting’ process only tends to take about 30 seconds…so if you think your lips are going to be dry all day…you realize that that is not the case at all…once you apply the moisturizer.
I actually had a chance to really test this lipstick out when I went Skydiving with @CovergirlΒ and the lipstick actually outlasted that as well. I came out looking the way I did when I walked in – except…have to admit that my hair definitely was all over the place πŸ˜‰

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