I had a blast attending the Skydiving COVERGIRL #OutlastYourDay event at iFlyToronto – honestly…I have been thinking about going Skydiving for quite some time…and I just haven’t had a chance to book it yet, but this definitely gave me a taste of what it would feel like! I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to have a blast and laugh with friends and family.
The big test with this was to see if the makeup – that was applied on my face before going into flight – would actually #outlast the flight…and well – what can I say – those red lips stayed red and my face still looked flawless when I stepped out of the booth…so big check on that one!
Two make up products that I learned about during @VeronicaChu‘s tutorial from the event…that I really was impressed with…were the Covergirl Outlast All-Day Matte finishing powder and the Outlast All Day Lipcolour. The finishing powder literally did not soak in water when we dropped a bead onto the palette, which gives me a sense of how my skin would be protected throughout the day…under what seems to be pretty much ‘any condition’. The lipcolour that was applied before walking into the booth…was a universal product…meaning that the same ‘red’ colour – which is what I chose to sport that day – would appear differently on different skin tones – how awesome is that!
Some of you might be wondering what it actually felt like to be in booth and what I can say, is that it definitely was not a scary experience – it was actually kind of relaxing and fulfilling. I felt like I conquered one of my fears, but also part of flying is letting yourself go and letting the wind whisk you away! It was a powerful experience, not just with what I felt physically, but it forced me to tap into my soul a bit as well, and really face what would otherwise hold me back.
Who knows where my next adventure will take me – bungee jumping?

Group Shot - Covergirl #OutlastYourDay Skydiving 2Covergirl #OutlastYourDay SignageCovergirl #OutlastYourDay PhotoshootCovergirl #OutlastYourDay Photoshoot 2Covergirl #OutlastYourDay - FlyingGroup Shot - Covergirl #OutlastYourDay Skydiving

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