Diversity. Acceptance. Dedication. Achievement.

Diversity. Acceptance. Dedication. Achievement.

This is in partnership with Capital One Canada.

When choosing this career path – and making the decision to take a leap – and take on the social media world “full-time” – it became clear to me that the path to success and personal achievement wouldn’t be easy, but it would be extremely rewarding. It would require me to be motivated, to continue to face and overcome obstacles, and to ultimately believe in myself. There is nothing more powerful than self-belief and truly understanding the value that you bring to the table at any given time – whether that’s at work, at home amongst family, or even with a close circle of friends. Interestingly enough, it’s often those on the outside that see and recognize our value, before we do. So, it’s time for us to start seeing what others see, and time for us to start becoming comfortable with the idea of telling the world what ‘more’ we have to offer.

One way I was able to champion this action was through my partnership with Capital One Canada and the Vinetta Project. I had the opportunity to attend all related Vinetta Project events and capture my experience throughout – so if you want to come on that journey with me and jump into my world for a bit…check out the videos below!

 Diversity. Acceptance.

Part of waking up every day with a grounded sense of self, is understanding that the reason anything in this world is able to operate as it does, is because of what we can achieve when we work as one unit. It involves a lot of collaborationunderstandingacceptanceappreciationtrust and last but – certainly not least – “respect“. It has been proven time and time again, that when we come together and operate as a collective unit, when we work collaboratively – and with a sense of appreciation for the different skill sets involved – the result is nothing short of amazing! We are all here on this earth together at the end of the day and we all want to reach the same goal – we all aim to live our best lives and to enjoy the fruits of our labour…and so it is imperative that we understand the importance of diversity and inclusion.

Dedication. Achievement.

Once we are able to grasp how to connect and work with each other in the most efficient way, it becomes more about deciding what our individual goals are – and how we are going to achieve personal and professional growth. This is when we can start mapping out what we aim to achieve in the short-term and what our long-term goals look like. It allows us to maintain a clear vision of where we see ourselves going, which helps give purpose to the day-to-day grind. It has become evident to me, that there is nothing tied more closely to achieving one’s goals than persistence and perseverance – “not giving up” is what separates those who look at obstacles as ‘failures’ and not as ‘learning experiences’ – something that can be reflected on when determining how best to move forward and how to get closer to those end goals.

My Experience with Capital One 

Over the last few years, I have partnered with several brands and organizations, but I have to admit, I’ve really loved my latest partnership with Capital One on The Vinetta Project.

Framed as a series of Venture Challenge pitch and panel events, The Vinetta Project invites seed-stage founders to pitch their ideas to industry experts and angel investors. In order to address the lack of capital that goes towards startups founded by women, one finalist is awarded with a no-strings-attached cheque for $15,000 and a suite of startup services.

I was particularly excited to jump on board for this collaboration, as I felt personally connected to the women that I met as they embarked on their entrepreneurial journey, and shared some of the challenges that they have faced along the way. I was also impressed to see an organization like Capital One Canada acting in an authentic way and staying close to some of their core values, diversity and inclusion.

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