“Don’t Be Square” Double Wrap Br...

“Don’t Be Square” Double Wrap Bracelet


“Don’t Be Square” Double Wrap Bracelet

Featuring another one of our very own pieces this week! I wanted to call attention to this addition as I think it is a perfect accessory to add to your spring wardrobe. To be honest, I would easily wear this at any time – all seasons – but I love when I can actually flaunt my accessories – and I feel like warmer weather lends itself to that just a little bit better πŸ˜‰

Day to Night

I love pieces like this because it makes it super easy for me to transition from Day to Night – I run around a lot – constantly moving from here to there – from meetings to brunch dates – to night events – and something like this allows me to really change things up without having to carry around a ton of things with me – keeps me looking effortless and chic!

Why the Name

Some of you might ask – why exactly did you decide to name it the “Don’t Be Square” Double Wrap Bracelet – well – we really want each of our pieces to speak to empowering women – but also just mostly just for everyone to feel empowered – for all mankind to be empowered – and to realize that the power lies within the. Sometimes when we are to ‘square’ or aren’t open minded enough – it can hold us back from achieving our goals and dreams. Being “square” also speaks to the potential close-mindedness of other around you and this is not just message to ourselves to think a little bit outside the box – but reminder that your actions and the way you lead your life – can also positively influence others – change the way that they look at things – their perspective on things – and hopefully open people’s minds!

Double Wrap

This piece was designed with a double wrap feature to allow the piece to have more presence when on featured on your wrist. It is super light-weight – chic and effortless – so why not give it a bit of pizzazz by adding another layer to it – showing people that while you might make it look really easy – there is always more behind you – more that makes you you!

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