Everyone needs an everyday bag! These things are honestly what I like to call “my saviour”. I pretty much need a bag everywhere I go – where else would I put my boyfriend’s keys, wallet and cellphone? All jokes aside, I adore having a bag to store all of my ‘essentials’ – that includes my lipstick, lipgloss, wallet, perfume, deodorant, keys, back-up flats, shades, gloves, and the list goes on. There is just something about knowing that everything that you could possibly need…is actually there….just in case you need it. I feel like that is something that many of us are guilty of…not just when it comes to our everyday bags…but also when we pack to go away on vacation or for a business trip…we tend to ask the ‘what if” question a lot. At the end of the day, whether we ask the what if question or not…there is one thing that I can say with confidence – the everyday bag is going nowhere πŸ˜‰

Since we know we’re going to keep using these lovely fashion accessories, why don’t we spice things up a bit? Pick a colour that is outside your comfort zone…or go with a classic look that is boldΒ and says something about who are…but also makes your life easy – makes being ‘on-the-go’ somewhat manageable.

Top Picks:



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