Fashionable in the New Year!

Fashionable in the New Year!


Fashionable in the New Year

I always think it is such an interesting feeling – when you move into a new year. You start thinking about setting new goals – changing up your fitness routine – looking for new fashion trends – it feels like you can press a button that says “reset” and start fresh!
I remember going on exchange to Nice a few years back and thinking – Wow – for the first time in a while…I can actually re-invent myself! Nobody here knows me…knows who I am…where I come from – it honestly felt like everything in the world was new again – took me back to childhood for a moment – where there was always something new and exciting to talk about.
I went with a nice wintery warm sweater and a laser-cut faux leather skirt to pull the whole look together. I also paired that with one of our leather Chic Sophistic purses and voila! All set for the New Year!

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