Dresses. Fashion. Eclairs.


Dresses. Fashion. Eclairs.


With us now officially in Fall (and about to move into Winter) – the leaves are falling – there are new colours everywhere – the air feels a bit different and new and fresh opportunities are just around the corner. It often feels good to look back at peek into the recent past – see what outfit choices I made – where I was – what I was doing – this is when the memories starting flowing back – and in general – I always hold on…to the best memories – always looking at the positive – always remembering the good things – and it really starts to make me feel a little fuzzy inside 😉


Speaking of fuzzy – I decided to start transitioning seasons (fashion-wise) by sporting one of my favourite statement piece sweaters – I absolutely love bold yet understated sweaters like this one (below)! I chose to pair this with one of my other favourite pieces – a dress that I picked up the last time that I was in Florida on vacation – a couple of years back – it is so light and comfortable – the perfect dress for a beautiful summer day! To keep with the nice effortless chic look – I also added a simple grey backpack as an accessory – something that was both fashionable and functional – and ultimately closed it off with a pair of chic sunglasses! Pulling an outfit together can often seem daunting, but it gets easier if you start with one piece that you definitely want to wear that day…then bring together the other pieces after – kind of like icecream toppings!


This shoot comes off of a collaboration that I did with @Nugateau bakery. They have some of the best eclairs I have ever tried and just such an awesome vibe overall. I also teamed up with one of my besties @Stef.Sanjati…to come up with a really cool design (crafted by the talented @chechunmo) and had these sold in store for a limited time! I was so happy to see much success with that collab and to see so much support overall…from my followers – thanks guys! You make everything I do (and that the whole influencer community does)…so worth it <3

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