Felted “Simple and Chic” Laptop Bag

Felted “Simple and Chic” Laptop Bag


Felted “Simple and Chic” Laptop Bag

This sleek and minimalistic laptop bag is one of my favourites from our latest designs! I absolutely love pieces that are clean – minimalistic – functional – and that really feel like they can serve as an accessory to my outfit. This bag isΒ 80% Fine Felted Wool and 20% Vinyl (accent pieces and straps) – it fits my laptop and also includes a slot in the front for my ipad or journal – really convenient and super light weight – allowing me to carry it around all day long without even noticing.


I have been trying to change up my life a bit and really keep the things that I need and throw out the things I don’t need. For tips on how to make the right choices – feel free to check out our Spring Cleaning Fashion Post.

Less is More

Much like writing an essay – where actually writing fewer words is the difficult part – writing a lot always seemed pretty easy – sometimes the hardest thing to do is select clothing that actually is minimalist in nature, but still has the functionality, style and the versatility that you would want in an outfit – or in select pieces. The way I like to start – when trying to keep outfits ‘simple and chic’ is to pick neutral colours/shades and mix and match from there. I find blacks and creams are the easiest to pair up – nice pair of black jeans with a white/cream t-shirt – loose fit – and a nice black light-wight blazer – pair that with our Simple and Chic Laptop bag and voila – you ready to hit the town and get your meetings done!

Versatile + Lightweight

I find one of the things that I look for in any accessory these days – is it’s versatility’ factor! Can I use this for other occasions, how many outfits can I pair this with? Does this go with more than one thing? I personally have used this bag for a number of events – different occasions – and it serves many purposes. Sometimes I just bring my ipad with me and hit up a coffee shop – write a few notes down in my journal then head to brunch with the girls.



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