Gold or Silver?


Gold or Silver?

Gold or Silver? That is the question! I think this is another one of those age old questions – something that people ask themselves over an over again! I feel like we go through periods of time where one is more used or seen than the other, and then it switches up! What was good in the 80s…might not be good or ‘on-trend’ in the 90s – but I will say that I feel like a lot of that has changed. It feels like these days – everything is in – just depends on how you were it, where you where it and how often you pair it!


Gold will always hold this impression of ‘richness’, ‘wealth’ etc. in our minds! When I think back to movies that I had seen as a child…and even the movies I see today – “Gold” is always what everyone is after – gold bars – treasure chest full of gold…gold teeth – anything gold! As long as we have this as a resource on our earth, ‘gold’ will always been in!

I personally love to wear gold with some of my treasured black pieces – a couple of my ‘Little Black Dresses” and some of my nice silky black tops! I sport them with gold earrings – or a gold necklace or both together – depends on how ‘heavy’ the combo looks!

I particularly am a fan of gold being used as accent pieces on accessories as well – hardware-wise – and also now starting to love the ‘rose-gold’ look too!


Silver is something that I remember hearing about a lot when I was in highschool! People were always trying to wear ‘knock-off’ silver pieces – but then it really made a splash in a big way – just near the end of my highschool years. Or maybe I just started to appreciate real silver and real pieces. No longer being satisfied with something that ‘looked’ good for a few weeks, then showed it’s true colours – but appreciating the real thing. Let’s note that at that time, I actually didn’t have much in the way of funds to purchase anything real – but was gift with a couple of special pieces that I fell in love with. Once you go real silver, you don’t want to go back!

Silver + Gold

It is also possible to mix these two! Similar to red and pink – and looking at how those two were treated in the past – people avoiding the ‘pink and red’ pairing at all cost – in today’s times – this is something we can definitely pull off!

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