Google Pixel 3 Review

Google Pixel 3 Review

What I look for in A Device

Camera Quality

One of the first things that I tend to look for when experimenting with and testing out a new device – is the camera feature. I feel like whether you are a huge #techy or just someone who loves photos and capturing fun moments throughout life – the camera quality – and all of the features tied to set camera – are one of the big ‘make or break’ things in my books! With having to share moments from key events that I attend, to capturing fun impromptu selfies, to posting some of my favourite fall items on Insta-stories – the camera just matters so much! When the camera quality is as good as it is with the Google Pixel 3 – it makes playing with different angles and lighting so much more enjoyable – you should definitely try it out! Some of my favourite features so far are #TopShot #GroupSelfies & #Photobooth!

Phone Size – On Point

The Google Pixel 3 comes in 2 sizes – regular and XL and both are just …hmmm. What can I say? #Awesome. I’ve always selected the XL version when upgrading my phone … because I love the fact that I can watch great content in such an interactive way. I honestly feel like I’m watching from my very own little home theatre – except it’s my cellphone 😉

Stop and Reflect Factor

This is something that technology makes me do sometimes – stop and reflect – but I have to admit that with my latest Google Pixel 3 phone – I find myself doing that a lot more! I discover something new every day – and it excites me – intrigues me – and makes me realize how great life is these days! 

It’s hard to believe that we lived without cellphones at one point – that we literally used to walk around feeling comfortable without those texts coming through – those updates from LinkedIn – those calls from our loved ones – and well – google maps! How people survived is beyond me – but let’s look at that and really take in the fact that we are so lucky to be sitting here today – enjoying technology and all the advancements that come our way as we progress through our lives.



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