Gratitude – How to EMBRACE what we have!

Gratitude – How to EMBRACE what we have!


Gratitude – How to EMBRACE what we have!

We wake up everyday – we take a deep breath and slowly open our eyes. The first thing we think is ‘But first…coffee”…then we think “what should I have for breakfast?” We gracefully go about our day – one step at a time – with a purpose – with the comfort of knowing that we have a great support system – a family – friends – great healthcare – a wonderful job – goals and dreams that we working towards achieving everyday – we know nothing else – but what if we took a few minutes to think about what our lives would look like, if we weren’t born in a 1st world country – if we didn’t have the opportunities that we have available to us everyday – if we didn’t have our healthcare system – the services that are a always there when we need them – what would we do? How would we feel? What would be our first thoughts in the morning…when we open our eyes? Would we still be thinking about our coffee and breakfast – or would we have no opportunity to think about those things? The things that we are ‘allowed’ to think about, because of how we are ‘able’ to live – would we be more grateful and embrace what we have? Hold it all just a little bit closer to our hearts – if we knew that our lives could be so different.

There are so many things that we never realize on a day-to-day basis – things that happen in other parts of the world – things that are only a passing thought or that carry no heavy weight in our lives – but that mean absolutely everything to others. Because we so fortunate and understand what it really means to live a life filled with opportunity and joy – it is always great to educate ourselves and find out what is really going on in other parts of the world – and to help in any way we can to give others a little piece of mind.

We often talk about how busy we are – that our day is packed and that we have no time to help others – but sometimes it can really be as simple as posting a photo, attending an event to show support for a  great cause or tweeting your inspired thought of the day – every little bit helps! I am always curious and love to learn about anything and everything that is going on in the world – and love to do my part to share and support others in the world – any way that I can! There is a programcalled EMBRACE (Enhancing Maternal, Child and Newborn Health in Remote Areas through Revitalized Health Care and Community Engagement) – a program that is directly tied to ADRA Canada. The goal of the program is to improve and save lives of mothers and children in vulnerable and remote areas of Cambodia, Myanmar, Philippines and Rwanda by improving access to quality health services and enhancing nutrition.

As a Canadian women – I realize that I have free healthcare – access to amazing programs and doctors…people who are really there to support me – all the support I need to help me through my pregnancy – which is truly amazing…but then I imagine not having any of that – and wonder what it would feel like to go through all that…virtually on my own. Research states that 800 women world-wide die from pregnancy or childbirth related complications, as a result of malnutrition and other things that are potentially preventable with the right healthcare and support system – and it makes me sad to hear that! I understand what it means to be woman…what it feels like to see other women in my life go through their pregnancies and births – it has given me true insight into the process…the journey…and what we truly take for granted along the way…so when I know that I have the power to make ‘change’ in some way – I always love to do something about it – make a difference in this world! If we all post a photo with our hands placed over our belly buttons in the shape of a heart, we can really call attention to this issue and start building the awareness that is necessary to make some positive change – so let’s do it 😉

Show your support by sharing a photo or video of your hands placed around your belly button in the shape of the heart, using the hashtag #Heart4MaternalHealth.  You can follow the #Heart4MaternalHealth campaign on Facebook ( @4maternalhealth) on Twitter (@4MaternalHealth) and on Instagram (@Heart4MaternalHealth).

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