Halloween with my Google Pixel 3

Halloween with my Google Pixel 3

Halloween with my Google Pixel 3

So – if you didn’t catch any of my Insta-stories on the day ofΒ  – or should I say – evening of – then you’ll have a chance to get a glimpse into my Halloween experiences – through the @Google Pixel 3 lens! This phone is absolutely incredible – and I’m saying this from the influencer/blogger angle, and as a person who has been familiarizing themselves with technology a lot more these days!


One of the perks of this job – if you can even call it that – as it really truly feels like I’m leading the life that I’ve always wanted to lead – is that I get to test out products and services that are tied to some of our core brand partners – often before they are actually officially launched and accessible to the public – and let me say that it feels pretty special! I’m so grateful to be doing this every single day – and to have the opportunity to collaborate with so many exciting brands – which makes sharing these experiences with all of you – so much fun!

What I Look for in A Device

One of the first things that I tend to look for when experimenting with and testing out a new device – is the camera feature. I feel like whether you are a huge #techy or just someone who loves photos and capturing fun moments throughout life – the camera quality – and all of the features tied to set camera – are one of the big ‘make or break’ things in my books! With having to share moments from key events that I attend, to capturing fun impromptu selfies, to posting some of my favourite fall items on Insta-stories – the camera just matters so much! When the camera quality is as as good as it is with the Google Pixel 3 – it makes playing with different angles and lighting so much enjoyable – you should definitely try it out! Some of my favourite features so far are #TopShot #GroupSelfies &#Photobooth!

Halloween Make Up – From Human To Cat – Day To Night

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