How I Became a Chic Gourmet Chef Overnight!

How I Became a Chic Gourmet Chef Overnight!

How I Became a Chic Gourmet Chef Overnight!

Chic Sophistic x Food 4 Thought 

Anyone who has been following along knows that I absolutely love everything that has to do with health and wellness … as I believe that is strongly associated with our overall happiness! When we take care of ourselves physically – we also help feed the mind – and they both work together to keep eachother in balance.
One of the things that I realized, with every day that passes and and with every birthday that comes along – is that I am really starting to appreciate every single thing in my life – just a little bit more! This applies to every part of my life – from waking up in the morning and hearing the birds chirping – to heading to the kitchen and smiling … while taking in that beautiful fresh smell – the fresh smell of coffee brewing – to then opening my laptop and checking my emails – acknowledging and realizing that I am actually living my dream – working in a way that was not possible just a few years ago – but now having the ability – the ‘freedom’ to be able to connect with so many people around the world – share so many stories – leading to a truly fulfilled life!
Part of what has been discovered as time goes on – is that much of our frustration in life is tied to our inability to ‘live in the present’. We are always running after something – chasing the future or remembering and worrying about the past – when nothing except the present … actually matters. Part of learning to live in the present is to bring ourselves closer to it … by really reminding ourselves to “appreciate” that which is around us – the smells – the sounds – how things ‘feel’ – our breath – breathing – just ‘breathing’ is something we should be paying attention to – because the most authentic reminder of our presence on this earth.

Chic Sophistic x Food 4 Life

After taking a leap and heading full force into the social media world – the team and I are now looking for other ways to expand our reach and really tap into things that have meaning for us – on a more tangible level. It is so great to be able to impact so many people in such a positive way and to do my best to live a life that is appealing and satisfying.

From Soil to Social

We’ve been hearing a lot about ‘Farm to Table’ lately – so let’s take that to the next level and start talking ‘Soil to Social’. The soil is at the base of our existence- it is the thing that actually allows ut  to grow and
The reason why we decided to team up with Food 4 Life … is because we realize that ‘Food is Life’…and that it is important … when acknowledging that – to also acknowledge that Food is with us ‘4’ Life – we’re always going to need food … to keep us alive – so why not really invest time into understanding food … and into learning about food – learning about food in a way that makes a difference. I have said this time and time again – but food is definitely one of those things – that just brings us all together. It is something that we all ‘need’ … to survive … something that also has the ability to serve as a universal language – something that requires no effort where communication is concerned – because we can all taste and appreciate … that … which IS food. And now comes the ‘fun’ part! Once we realize that food is a ‘must’ – we can start having fun with it – experimenting with different flavours – sauces – spices – adding a little bit here – taking away a little bit there – working with food … until we find the right balance.
We here at the Chic Sophistic team – absolutely ‘love’ food! We ‘love’ to try out new things – we love testing out new restaurants – hitting up new and exciting hot spots around the city! We ‘are’ literally all about food – it’s been one of our focuses this year where collabs are concerned – and will continue to be a focus in our lives – so let’s always work to celebrate food – right!
We were really looking to take this to the next level … where food is concerned – we wanted to connect to our followers and readers in a different way – we wanted to connect to them in a much more tangible way – so we partnered up with Meng Karbach – a consultant – turned – organic farmer – turned – chef who has produced two amazing chutneys – with more to come and with us really have a ‘taste’ of what you are all going to like – love – and appreciate – we decided to collaborate with Food 4 Life to bring you closer to these ‘magical’ chutneys!
For a couple of starter recipes – See below!
Tomato Garlic Chutney
 (Grilled Asparagus & Asiago Cheese)
•Asparagus grilled – 8 spears
•Tomato garlic chutney – 2 Tbsp
•Asiago cheese grated – 1 teaspoon
•Salt & pepper – to taste
– Toss asparagus in oil then grill on BBQ or  roast in oven of 220ºC (425ºF) for about 10 minutes or till tender
– Place grilled asparagus on plate then sauce 2Tbsp of tomato garlic chutney over it
– Optional – Sprinkle asiago cheese over chutney & asparagus
Garlic Onion Chutney
(Mixed Meat Patty or Mini Meatloaf)
•Ground beef/pork/veal (1:1:1 ) – 500g
•Chopped Italian parsley – 1/2 cup
•Whole egg whisked – 1 large
•garlic onion chutney  – 6 Tablespoon
•Salt & pepper – to taste
– Mix well all ingredients in bowl then divide into 4 equal patties
– Grill on BBQ or bake in oven till internal temperature is 74ºC (165ºF)
– Serve on a bun or as main course with your favourite sauce

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