Leather “Love Triangle” Double Wrap Br...

Leather “Love Triangle” Double Wrap Bracelet


Leather “Love Triangle” Double Wrap Bracelet

Accessorizing isn’t always the easiest thing – if you check out one of our latest Fashion Posts – there are actually some tips that you might find useful in there – when trying to figure out how to pull together all the elements in your outfit.

This piece is one of our latest additions to the Chic Sophistic shop – we really wanted to expand on offering accessories that made sense for the modern day woman (or man) and that really allowed people to feel a sense of confidence, ease, effortlessness, and elegance – while running around…making their #goals happen!

I love to wear this bracelet with a three quarter length dress or really any top that doesn’t have a sleeve that is too close to my wrist – obviously because I want this to show through πŸ˜‰ – but because it really should stand out in the outfit. What I love about this particular piece and our other two bracelets, is that they make it easy to add accessories without feeling like you are overwhelming your outfit!


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