Luggage for the traveling enthusiast


Luggage to transform your life

Fugu Luggage, is the all in one bag that will get you out of the extreme difficult decision of picking the ideal carry-on for your traveling adventures.

It uses an electric pump, which allows the luggage to extend its two sidelong dividers which helps for those extra pair of shoes you might or might not end up using at your aunt Clairs wedding – lets face it this is the fifth time she is getting married you should know the drill.

To add to this, there are foldable racks that changes the luggage into your very own  closet in no time. it’s the perfect luggage for all the fashionistas out there, now there shouldn’t be an excuse to travel in style.


The LUGGAGE has the right measurements to comply with the standard airline size limitations on baggage. The suitcase was designed to expand or minimize to meet the  maximum regulation sized check-in. this luggage is made from durable materials, which have proven to be strong and endure any durability test. Plus the luggage is water resistant and the walls absorb shock to better protect your items inside.


The LUGGAGE includes built-in shelves! yes, you read that right (built-in shelves)  that can be attached or collapsed at any point. They enable the luggage to double as a storage unit, avoiding wasting time while loading and unloading your delicates into a hotel… besides who knows how often they clean those things. The shelves have the added bonus of keeping belongings neat and tidy throughout any journey.

The height and width make it ideal for use as a portable table, which can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to laptop stand, reading desk, and a makeup dresser #makeup #genius #howcomeitwasntinventedsooner

In conclusion

this is a must have for the holidays coming up. stands out for its ability to transform from a carry-on to a larger piece at the push of a button. It starts as a hard-shell carry-on case with a pull-out handle and wheels. Hit the button, and it inflates the walls and expands into a much larger case that can be used as a small table and is sturdy enough to sit on.

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