Organic Hot Chocolate – Green & Blacks

Organic Hot Chocolate – Green & Blacks


Organic Hot Chocolate – Green & Blacks

If you have ever experienced the Winter season, then you know that Hot Chocolate is pretty much a staple at that time of year! To be honest – I am one of those people who drink it all year round – but since we are in the Winter Season now, thought it would be a great time to talk about a product that I tested recently and that I really happen to love!

I started out loving milk chocolate as a kid, but as I got older, I developed a taste for dark chocolate. Interestingly enough, looks like dark chocolate is also pretty healthy – said to be a great source of antioxidants and also something that has the potential to lower your risk for cardiovascular disease…among other things!

I also found then when I was trying to move forward with my new years resolutions where fitness and diet were concerned, that I would often treat myself to something special that was not going to impact my regime too much, but that was also going to satisfy my sweet tooth – and hot chocolate was pretty much my go-to drink!

The best feeling is a feeling of comfort – that peaceful moment when you sit by the couch – close to nice crackling fire and you are sipping on your warm hot chocolate – either alone or surrounded by loved ones – that moment when you feel 100% fulfilled and at peace! Sometimes we think we need gifts or to win the lottery – in order to feel completely satisfied with our lives, but what I often realize, is that it is truly those moments when you are living in the present and appreciating everything around you – that you really experience true happiness.


Sugar #(sugar #, tapioca starch#), Fat-Reduced Cocoa Powder # (31%) (cocoa powder #, acidity regulator (potassium carbonate)), Dark Chocolate # (11%) (Cocoa Mass #, Raw Cane Sugar #, Cocoa Butter #, Emulsifier (Soya Lecithin), Vanilla Extract #. MINIMUM COCOA SOLIDS 60%)


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