Pantene – #FuelYourStrong


Pantene – #FuelYourStrong

I attended a Pantene event the other night – it was absolutely incredible! One of the best set ups I have ever seen. The venue was gorgeous – it was modern…sharp lines…large windows…and very airy. The colour scheme was so well thought out and continued through the space – gold, black and white!

The Table

When we sat down to get #fueled with some oatmeal and espresso – we were taken through a little story – given a bit of background on how all of this was pulled together and what the significance of each element was! I looked down at my plate for quite some time…as the setting was just incredible – it was such a beautiful set up – so elegant and chic. Once we finished up there – we were led upstairs to another spot for a second presentation.


This is where we were given more background re: the product itself and all of the research, time and work that went into creating this product. It was explained to us that one of the most challenging parts of producing a shampoo product is that…it is always difficult to ensure that the product works to ‘clean’ and ‘moisturize’ at the same time. While you want to make sure that the shampoo does clean the hair – you also want to make sure that with oils being stripped out…there is still something remaining there. The chemist who was running this presentation, showed us an example of how the technology worked – and essentially placed a strip of Pantene shampoo on her arm vs. brand x product…and much more of the sand remained on the arm that featured the Pantene shampoo – this was meant to exhibit that while other shampoos might actually strip more than you would like out of your hair – this shampoo would leave your hair in a much better state – retaining much of the ‘moisture’.


The last stop – a Yoga stop! We then headed downstairs and were given a few quick tips on how to start our day with Yoga – and what kind of moves we could try! Some where a little more complicated than others…so most of us just watched…but I am definitely excited to try these at home.

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