Rediscover Your Own City!


Rediscover Your Own City!

Sometimes we think we have to travel the world – see a many different countries – go on a ton of different tours – but there are times when there is nothing more exciting than rediscovering your own city.

Travel + Multiculturalism

I am a fan of travelling – I love trying out new food – seeing new buildings – checking out the best museums in the world – stopping into cool and trendy restaurants, but there is this sense of ‘home’ that comes over me when I return to Toronto. I definitely see myself living in other countries throughout my life and travelling a lot, but I feel like Toronto will always been my home base. There is something really special about this city – I just love that we are so multicultural – full of diversity and acceptance – and that translates into how I feel walking on the street, stopping into my favourite cafes, grabbing lunch at my local sandwich spot – absolutely love this city.

Ornate Buildings

The other day I decided to take a stroll – a stroll that turned into about an hour walk towards Casa Loma! The weather was shockingly nice and it was beautiful and bright outside – so I thought I would make use of that gorgeous day! Put on a pair of my favourite shoes and went on a little adventure! I stopped off at a wall that had some graffiti on it – just really admired how artistic it was – then moved on to take a look at some of the art pieces outside of a museum nearby – then lastly dropped into Casa Loma for lunch. I am a huge fan of ornate buildings – it is one of the reasons why I love Paris so much!


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