Chic & Comfortable – Skechers Sneakers

Chic & Comfortable – Skechers Sneakers


Chic & Comfortable

If I had to describe one of the most comfortable sneakers that I have ever worn, I would have to say that these Sweet Symphony Skechers are right at the top of that list!

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The first thing that attracted me to them was the high top look – I am really into that these days. I just love that it cinches at the ankle, refining the whole sneaker look! I also tend to wear sneakers a lot more with polished outfits – it keeps me comfortable and still looking stylish!
Another thing I really loved about these shoes were that they were clean in appearance and easy on the eyes. They didn’t distract from my outfit, but rather complimented it.
With my day being so busy and with me running around continuously, I need a shoe that allows my foot to breathe and that cushions it all day while I am walking. The Air Cooled Memory Foam insole is amazing – my feet are kept warm in colder weather and cool in warmer weather…and although we don’t like to talk about this much…I will say that I really don’t notice any odours after using them all day long – how about that? πŸ˜‰
I literally can’t walk out the door without getting at least one or two compliments on these shoes. They are just really eye-catching and so versatile. As you know I have paired them with chic polished outfits, but also teamed them up with jeans and a t-shirt, a skirt (to achieve a bit of a ‘tennis’ look) and with yoga pants as well.
My last piece of advice to you my Chic Sophistics…is to wear thin low-cut socks so that you can achieve a seamless look. I find that this also keeps my foot comfortable and allows it to breathe.


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