Scars, Skin, Scrapes & Stilettos! Travel Tips...

Scars, Skin, Scrapes & Stilettos! Travel Tips That Help Me Every Step of The Way!

Scars, Skin, Scrapes & Stilettos! Travel Tips That Help Me Every Step of The Way!

Whether I’m travelling or just deciding on one of those awesome “staycations” – I’m always looking for quick easy fixes that actually do the trick! If these little solutions also happen to be “tiny” and “portable” – well then that’s quite the “Win-Win” situation – isn’t it?

Wound Spray

More recently – I have really been looking into quick treatment options when we’re talking scrapes, burns, cuts etc. because I just don’t always have the first aid kit around to take me through those moments and help me treat whatever I’m dealing with … on the spot … so I rely on my new best friendΒ  – WOUND SprayΒ – it totally does what it ‘sounds’ like it does! I popped this little trusty spray into my purse and took it around with me – effortlessly might I say – while travelling – and it worked like a charm! I’m one of those people who also loves to plan little workshops and other cute … chic … activities – some of which might lead to minor injuries – hopefully not – but we know life doesn’t always work like that – so when I do get into a little bit of trouble – I know exactly what my ‘go-to’ is!

Scar Cream

The other little handy thing that I now love to carry around with me when I travel is Kelosoft Scar Cream – it is honestly a miracle worker – at least for me it is πŸ˜‰ – and I love that I canΒ  keep up with my regime and taking care of existing scars – working to help them heal as time goes on – seeing them diminish over time – and working to take care of any new ones that might come up!

Neone Invisible Insoles

My last little travel secret is literally tied to my feet! This is where the “Stiletto” part of the title starts to make sense πŸ˜‰ There is this notion that when talking ‘insoles’ we’re suddenly no longer thinking ‘high-fashion’ – ‘trendy’ – ‘chic’ … because what we’re actually thinking is ‘comfort’ – ‘function’ – and ‘not fashionable’ – however – this is really not the case! I have discovered that there is nothing more amazing than thinking ahead about your joints – how comfortable you’ll be ‘in’ those stilettos that you love and decided to wear that day – and how fit (and healthy) you really want throughout your life. Prevention and Paying Attention is key! Along with my other other ‘portable’ goodies – I also carry my Neone Invisible Insoles with me to make the whole ‘travel’ experience … a truly enjoyable one!

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