Secret Garden – Nature at its Best

Secret Garden – Nature at its Best


Secret Garden – Nature at its Best

I wrote a post a few weeks back about re-discovering my own cityΒ and I feel like that is relevant to this post as well, because I literally had no idea that this little Secret Garden was around the corner from the Chic Sophistic office! I was taking a beautiful stroll around the city on a weekend, admiring all the greenery – the blooming flowers – all of the changes that really confirmed we were finally moving into Spring.

I love winter as a season, but sometimes I feel that it sometimes just doesn’t know when to start shifting into the next season – it just likes to linger around for a little too long. I am a huge fan of winter sports – love skiing and even tried snowboarding a few times – love going into the cabin and having some nice warm hot chocolate after a full day of excitement and fun on the slopes, but things start to change a bit…when you’re trying to get to work in the downtown core…and there is snow and slush everywhere – and you are pretty sure that you just sent those pants that you are wearing – to the dry cleaners the past weekend…and now you’re just not sure how you’re ever supposed to stay fashionable (and clean), in a this season.

Steering away from that conversation now and getting back to Spring – spring really is a gorgeous season. The weather starts hugging you, you feel this sense of warmth coming back into your life – and physically I just start to feel better! The sun does a lot for me – I am noticing that more and more as time goes on – and walking out to be greeted by nice comfortable air – a sense of freshness – flowers blooming everywhere – colour starting to come back into your surroundings – just makes all the difference. This season starts to really get you thinking again about how to ‘refresh’ yourself – “re-invent” yourself – and what your next steps in life are going to be. Sometimes I wonder it is in January that we usually start to come up with our New Year’s resolutions – because I feel like Spring is that season that really has people re-thinking their “now” – figuring out if they are happy where they are at right now and if there is anything else that should be doing with their lives. This is the time when I start cleaning out my closet – looking closely at things that I own – deciding whether I really need them or now – thinking about what job I am working at – if that is really the path I want to take or if I have something else in mind for my future – just a great time to reflect.

On that note – I happened to stumble upon a little hidden botanical garden – that I now like to call my ‘reflective space’. It is somewhere that I love to be pensive – think through things – and just let my mind roam and relax.

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