Sometimes the struggle comes when you are trying to figure out how to actually dress casually – somehow looking for that one glam dress to go to a gala in…that event that happens once a year…seems easier than figuring out how to still look chic…but also feel comfortable enough to ‘do what you gotta do’! There are those days, when you want to grab that warm frothy cappuccino, walk around the city, drop into a few cute boutiques or your favourite mall…and feel like you can shop comfortably!

What you can do is start with a pair of jeans or a skirt – clothing that is on trend and/or flatters my body. Because I have a small waist, I like to go for a-line skirts – ones that cinch at the waist and then spread out from there. Alternatively, I could go with a pair of loose fitting ripped jeans – these are always a great ‘go-to’ option. Then to dress it up a little, you can always pair it with a nice #tweedjacketΒ or something that is structured but again…comfortable. Then we move onto the the ‘shirt’…you can go with something very clean simple and elegant…so that it blends or something wiWhen it comes to what you’re going to put on your feet, you have to think comfort first, but don’t worry…you can still keep it chic and fashionable. I always like to go for a flat that has a bit of a platform on it, because it gives you a bit of height, but also cushions each step you take…making carrying heavy bags…totally doable πŸ˜‰

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