Spring Fashion Trends


Spring Fashion Trends

Spring – ahhh this lovely season! We are full force ahead moving into this glorious season now! I feel like I have been talking about Spring for a very long time – but not really ever feeling like I was quite “in” that season. Being in Fashion, or really any industry – it is pretty common to really be working weeks ahead – be thinking about how your closet – your vision for your style is going to change, months before that actually happens, but it is so nice to finally be living the season that we have been talking about for so long.


I have mentioned this before in previous posts – but in all honesty – florals really are one of those “Spring” trends that I feel won’t ever really go away – which is not a bad thing at all! Flowers and all floral things are just so closely tied to what Spring is all about – the rebirth of many things – including colour!

Embroidered Pieces

Speaking of florals – I am seeing a lot of embroidered pieces coming out – this is something that was on trend in a more “patch like way” before – but I’m really seeing a lot of jeans and jean jackets being outfitted with embroidery and other lovely pieces coming with this feature – it just adds so much character and life to a piece – and really again – speaks so honestly about what season we are truly in. Even when you’re not outside – you can enjoy florals and experience all the positive feelings that come with thinking about beautiful flowers!

Flowy Pieces

Flowy pieces are always in these days, but start to make a comeback in Spring and then merge so effortlessly into Summer!



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