St. Patrick’s Day Fail


St. Patrick’s Day Fail

So – what I always told myself about this blog is that I would aim to be as authentic as possible and that’s why I am choosing to write the truth here! I actually stepped out this past weekend to see if I could experience a bit of the St. Patty’s Day Celebrations, maybe a little green macaroon here and there – potentially a pint of ‘green’ beer – who knows – maybe even a leprechaun hat or green shades – something that would prove to myself that I am really getting ‘involved’ in some way – but unfortunately – I sort of missed it all!

I did a bit of research and googled what was going on in the city this past weekend – it turns out that the St. Patrick’s Day parade was actually in full swing and I could just about catch the tail end of it if I just walked briskly to Nathan Philips Square! Along the way – of course I just had to grab a coffee – because who starts their day without a coffee right? πŸ˜‰ Let’s also keep in mind that this was actually somewhere mid afternoon at this point lol. So I finally made it – in fact – I did actually make it in time for the parade…based on what the expectation was for the ‘end time’…but unfortunately, that wasn’t actually spot on and I did end up missing it. I did catch the signs and barriers coming down and all the decor being removed – however! On a good note, I did also see quite a bit of the crowd leftover – still chatting about the parade and sporting all of their green accessories – so wasn’t a total fail.

My Outfit

For this little trip I decided to sport my Mooseknuckles Coat, my Skechers (that I love to pair with almost every outfit), my “Take Me To Paris” Chic Sophistic purse, my sexy pair of leather gloves and my sexy shades – just a little pair I picked up from my fav go-to spot for glasses – Zoom Optical.

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