Summer Fun in the Sun – A Beauty Bar Experie...

Summer Fun in the Sun – A Beauty Bar Experience


Summer Fun in the Sun – A Beauty Bar Experience

I can’t tell you how excited I am that we are fully entering into the summer season – this is literally the best time of year! To be honest, I really love experience all four seasons – can’t say Fall, Winter and Spring are also not beautiful months, but there is just something a little extra special about summer. I feel like it’s that time of year that just has everyone forgetting about their problems – stresses go away as people head to the beach to soak up the sun…feel the breeze…let the waves really set the tone for your day – negative thoughts come and go just as easily as waves come and go – the only thing that matters is the present – and every blissful feeling that comes with living it!

I found adorable beach by the water, that was filled with gorgeous baby pink umbrellas (umm…how perfect is that)…you guys all know how much I love pink – and I thought, why not bring the chic little Lemon BagΒ that I had sent to me and take a peek at what was inside! It was filled with some of my awesome beauty products from P&G (#GotItFree) that I definitely had to dive into and explore! I am a fan of anything that smells good and works…and there were some serious winners on that front! All of us get older every single year and most of us love spending time in the sun, so it’s a really good idea to start looking at ways to take preventative measures – look to protect our skin – aging + sun damage…and also keep our hair looking healthy and flowy! Solutions to all of those problems were contained in this little summer bundle – can’t wait to use all of these products!

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