“Take Me to Paris” Purse


“Take Me to Paris” Suede Satchel

This week’s feature is actually one of our own purses!

Versatile & Functional

I love this purse for so many reasons – and trust me – it’s not because it just happens in our product line, but because it is so versatile and it’s ultra light! This purse really doesn’t weigh much at all and it fits more than you think! On any given day…I am able to fit in all of the make up that I need to ‘powder my nose’ throughout the day, plus my wallet, keys, and a lock that I bring around with me when I drop into the gym!

The other thing, is that I can easily go from ‘day’ to ‘night’ with this purse! And I can also carry it around in my hand conveniently or use the strap to carry it on my shoulder!


I also love this purse because it feels really classic – like something that I could see around for a while, but it still meets all the criteria to be on trend! The simplicity of the look and the detailing make it really sleek – and with the choice of materials and the design – it doesn’t end up weighing much at all!

The Name

The name “Take me to Paris” came to be as a result of really looking at this purse and envisioning where I could see it really feeling truly ‘at home’. Paris as a city is very ornate – the buildings…architecture…all of it has a history and has intricate designs just sitting there – available for Parisians to enjoy and explore on a daily basis! It might be one of the reasons why Parisians tend to dress so simply and elegantly in the first place – perhaps the elegance to stay with the charm of of the city, but the minimalist approach to fashion, to allow the beauty of the city to shine through!



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