”Time to Play” Vegan Makeup Clutch

”Time to Play” Vegan Makeup Clutch


”Time to Play” Vegan Makeup Clutch

Versatile + Vegan

I really wanted to call attention to our “Time to Play” Vegan Makeup Clutch this week, because I find that I am always struggling to find something that will fit the make up that I want to carry around with me – and I’m always looking for something that is not just versatile…but that truly allows me to feel comfortable throughout the day. I am also a fan of the fact that this is one of our vegan products – I have been looking into the whole ‘vegan’ thing not only on the product side, but also when it comes to food! I am still definitely a meat eater – but some of the research that I have been doing lately is making me think twice about that – so we’ll see where that goes. On the front of products that we’re launching, we are also doing some research to really identify ways that we can maintain sustainability and do what we can to help with overall awareness and improvement of our resources.

Beauty + Brawn

I also like carrying this around because I know what it means to me and I know that it branched off of the Chic Sophistic social media brand that is all about empowering women…and really just about empowerment in general. So when I carry this around, I am not only able to tend to my beauty needs, but I feel like there is a sense of strength and confidence that comes with sporting our Time to Play clutch. I love the message and I feel that with most things I buy today – I am particularly fond of the ones that actually have a solid message behind it.

Chic + Sophisticated

I also love the simplicity of this piece – as is the case with many of our pieces – because I think the overall message is that we shouldn’t have to do much to make a statement or to feel comfortable showing the world who we are! I am all of makeup, beauty and glam – don’t get me wrong – but I always love the idea of simplicity and keeping an ‘effortless’ look as well! That was one thing that I really admired about Parisian fashion – and just Parisian mentality – the goal was to put a bit of effort in of course – but look as though no effort was put in – and enter a room with a sense of confidence…but elegance and grace as well.

For a limited time – you can pick one up for ONLY $10 (Regular price $30!)

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