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Unicorns, Butterflies and Bubbles – Whimsical Hair Repair


Unicorns, Butterflies and Bubbles

Don’t stare at my Unicorn Hair – said nobody! You guys all know how much I absolutely love Unicorns and just magical things in general – why not add a bit of whimsy to your life – right? We often get trapped into these routines – as we get older…responsibilities really start to weight heavily on us and other ‘life problems’ start to arise…but that’s when we can really start to get creative! That’s why I always love to do a bit research, look to see what new products are trending…and what new hair styles are up-and-coming – just find ways to really improve and enhance my life! We are all here on this earth living this amazing thing we call ‘life’…so why not make it the best one – let’s always aim to be the best version of ourselves! Make every day count – do what you can to look your best – feel your best…and be your best – because you deserve it!

I see my hair…as one of my one of my most important accessories! It’s something that I can present to the world everyday and that really says a little something about me – about my style – my personality – and maybe even my outlook on things! Right now I’m sporting the short blonde bob look that is totally on trend in general – so how is that for coincidence πŸ˜‰ I went back to being a brunette for a little while, to give my hair a bit of a break and to change up things a little…but recently returned to being a blondy again, because I just love it (for one)…but also because I think it really is the perfect hair colour to sport during the summer – it is fun – fresh and fabulous! One of the drawbacks to going blonde however…is that it becomes really hard to manage my hair and keep it healthy! Definitely having this short cut helps with my day-to-day styling – for sure…making things much easier for me, when I am running out the door in the morning – but general up-keep is usually no easy task! That’s when I start to look for solutions!

I started using Infusium23Β products recently…and have honestly seen such good results! Just tried out their Three Step Treatment Program (Shampoo, Conditioner + Leave-in Treatment) – results from both Three Step Treatment sets were awesome – The Repair + Renew Treatment set and The Moisture Replenisher Treatment set did wonders for my hair – totally impressed! My hair started feeling so much softer than it did before the treatment…and it was just so much easier to style! My hair really started to breakdown with all the bleaching and straightening that I was doing – just started to really look (and feel) super dry and dull – so finding something that actually helped repair and restore it to its former glory…definitely made it to my ‘must-have’ list! I was also really happy to find out that it was filled with all kinds of goodies – Macadamia Oil, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil and Olive Oil – who can go wrong with those ingredients? No wonder why my hair looks so silky now πŸ˜‰ Feels Magical!

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