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Vichy Idelia

I tested out these products at an event the other day – and was really impressed! I learned so much about it’s journey through testing – research – and all the work it took to bring this product to us today. Sometimes when we aren’t closely tied to an industry or really understand how things work – we think that great things come easily…but after really testing out these products personally and having a chance to speak with many of the people involved in the process – I realized this was an extensive and heavily involved process.


Preventative – Anti-Aging Solutions

After getting out of university and starting my career – I also started to think more about taking preventative measures – not only when it came to anti-aging – but also on the front of food choices – health and wellness – anything that had to do with preserving my youth as long as possible. We tend to think of this as being ‘narcissistic’, but I definitely feel quite the opposite about that! I think taking care of ourselves – body, mind and soul – not only make us happier and healthier individuals, but also allow us to be the best we can be for the people that around us – the people that we care about. If we don’t focus on ourselves first and feel fulfillment with out own lives – how we can begin to teach and help others? The example I always like to refer to is what they tell us when we board a plane – one of the first rules that is presented to us…is in a case of emergency…to put our gas masks on first…before helping others. This is a pretty serious example – but I think it really makes the point and shows us that when we are not taking care of ourselves – we can’t possibly help others as much as we would like to…

First Signs of Aging

I learned that there are three things to look for that are little signs – things that we might start noticing as we are transitioning from our 20s to our 30s – signs that tell us we are aging.

  • Dull Skin

As we age – our skin isn’t quite as good at regenerating and with each year that goes by, we are actually exposed to things like the sun, heavy cold winters, pollution etc…and this can take a toll on our skin. You might start noticing that that ‘glow’ you used to have, isn’t quite there anymore and that things are changing slowly.

  • Large Pores

Another sign of aging can be seen with the size of our pores. It has been said that sun damage and other factors can contribute to this…but I have also read that the size of our pores doesn’t necessarily change, but rather that the elasticity in our skin changes, which causes the pores to droop…and therefore look larger. Either way – this is something that we start noticing as we get older, so always great to start thinking about taking preventative measures and doing what we can to protect and hopefully work to repair our skin.

  • Fine Lines

This one is a no-brainer – fine lines are something that I feel like many of us look out for even in our most youthful years. It is literally is the most common…almost ‘hated’ first sign of aging. I find people are usually on two extremes when it comes to this – they either embrace it entirely and say that their ‘fine lines’ are a sign of the joy in their life – the number of times they have laughed and experiences great things along the way – but many of us also feel that fine lines are what make us look less happy and that might even physically start actually causing to us to change how we feel about things in our lives. If you are not happy with who you are and your outside appearance, it can start affecting your overall state of mind…and therefore…your ability to actually achieve happiness in your life.

I…myself…find that I am happiest when I feel that my outer appearance, really aligns with how I feel on the inside. I am one of those people who definitely would like to look at ways in which I can prevent aging and work to prolong some of the more severe affects (that aging takes on our skin)…as I feel that taking that approach, really leads to betterment…and overall improvement. Being the best version of myself is something that is important to me – so I definitely think that taking the stance of working to ‘prevent’ is always a healthy position to be in!




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