How to Wear White in Winter


How to Wear White in Winter

Anything goes!

That’s the beauty of wearing white in winter! By doing that to begin with – we are already breaking that ‘unwritten rule’ about what is appropriate and not appropriate to wear in winter! I usually like to break it down piece by piece!


When it comes to jewellery – white/silver can look great as a statement piece in winter – some might think that it would need to be up against a darker dress/sweater – which is definitely a possibility – but you can also pair it with something that is white!


When it comes to sporting pants in the winter – again – really no rules on that front! For this season I like the idea of pairing some cute booties with ripped white jeans – that’s always a cute look – or for a more professional look – you could always do something with a wider leg that flows –


White shirts in winter are always nice – I usually like to go with something that has a silky look to it – a little bit of flow – and pair that with a faux fur vest!

Jackets – Coats

Most people think to stay away from White Jackets + Coats in the Winter – but again – no need to really fear it! Yes – it is true that you will have to be more careful when it comes to where you sit – what you lean up against – but like anything – if you pick the right material and are just more conscious about what you do – you’ll likely have it stay clean for quite some time.



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