What to Wear for Valentine’s Day!

What to Wear for Valentine’s Day!


What to Wear for Valentine’s Day

This is always one of those big questions – what do we wear for Valentine’s Day? And will it be a date during the day or will it be a date night? or both? Do you need two outfits or can you just go day-to-night with a few small changes/updates to your outfit!
Here are 4 things that I like to think about when working on my Valentine’s outfit…
1. Make it RedΒ 
Red is always a great colour to go with because it is really representative of V-day! I’m not actually sure where the tradition to wear red actually came from – I mean we know that red is the common colour used in hearts – but definitely something to look into! What I have learned during my research is that courage, warmth and strength are all things that seem to be tied to the colour ‘red’ – it’s also a ‘sexy’ colour – so why not spice things up on date night! πŸ˜‰
These days – you can even mix pink and red – it is totally acceptable! Well – you guys also know me – I say you can pretty much mix pink with anything – at least that is what I like to think – can you guess why?
2. Think of the Venue & Dress Code
The venue is the next thing I like to think about – what is the venue like? If it is a surprise location – go with something that is ‘safe’ but still ‘sexy’. I always find jumpers to be one of those sexy but safe outfits – if the jumper is cinched at your waist, but has a bit of room and flow in it – you feel a bit more free to ‘enjoy your meal’ as well! Another option would be to sport a nice fitted skirt with a silk blouse – this always keeps things sexy, but still a little mysterious!
3. Pick something that is Flattering
Next is to find something that highlights some of your best assets πŸ˜‰ Pick something that you would like to focus on – waist – bust – legs πŸ˜‰ It’s always nice to highlight one thing – and let the sexiness play out in the outfit! Check out our previous post to see what body type you are!
4. Pick the right accessories Β 
Last but not least, pick a purse that holds what you need, but not more than you need! You want something that is versatile and chic, but also fits your basic needs – for girls – that means – lipstick, mirror, wallet, sunglasses, extra pair of shoes etc. lol – but in all seriousness – something that isn’t going to weigh down your shoulder, but that still goes with your outfit!
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