What your wedding dress says about your personalit...

What your wedding dress says about your personality (Guest Post)


What your wedding dress says about your personality

The bridal dress experts at Best for Bride tell us that a bride instantly knows when she finds “The Perfect dress”, for it is a reflection of her personal taste and fits her unspoken expectations in every way. Over the years, they have seen enough cases where brides fall in love with a dress that they least expected to like. (  Hence, the right wedding dress is not just about finding one that looks good, but also about one that feels good!


Your wedding dress reveals a lot about your sense of style and more importantly, your personality! It is also a dress that your guests will remember forever, and always associate with who you are as a person. If you have already picked out your wedding dress, or know exactly what you want, here is what your choice reveals about your personality.


Big ball gown



Inspired by fairy tales, princess-style frocks are meant to steal the limelight with their opulent details. When you choose a dress with heavy embellishments and rich detailing, it is because you believe you deserve to feel like royalty on your special day. There is no dress that can compare with the sheer magnificence of an elaborate ball gown, and it has to be the right choice for you to shine on this important occasion in your life. You are also a die-hard romantic, who wants your Prince Charming to fall in love with you all over again when he sees you in your majestic bridal form.


Vintage or heirloom wedding dress


If you can’t think of another dress that is prettier than your mom’s or grandmother’s wedding gown, you are a sentimental bride. You will go to any extent to honor your family and the people you love. If it is simply not possible to fit into an heirloom wedding dress, you will figure out some way to incorporate something from it into your wedding dress—even if this means custom-creating your own dress with the one that was handed down to you. Your wedding will be a celebration of traditions and family rituals, and you revel in the happiness of bringing together the strong traditions of two families through your marriage.




When you pick this stylish, fashion-forward silhouette, it conveys how proud you are of your body. You believe it is amazing and deserves to be shown off. Your confidence and self-esteem show in your dress choice, which is not one that every woman can carry off with style. Sophisticated and glamorous, you will enjoy the limelight in this fantastic gown. With a wedding dress that screams for attention, we are sure the rest of your wedding details will be just as impressive and fabulous.





Modern, structured and stylish, this dress style appeals to women who are organized and  like balance in every aspect of their life. You will prefer elegant and classic choices to over-the-top, trendy details in your wedding. Although the silhouette is safe, it means that you prefer a timeless, classic dress over a trendy one that will soon be outdated. If your dress features a surprising element like a fantastic back or plunging neckline, your conservative and well-balanced personality is counter-balanced with occasional bold streaks in your personality.


The Sheath


Sleek and feminine, this is a dress that is understated but effective in its own way. The sheath is a style that is perfect for the bride who is calm, collected and poised. The silhouette simply falls over your feminine curves with an air of elusive mystery. You enjoy this subtle drama more than obviously stated and flashy features. Just like the elegant affair that your wedding is, the rest of the details in your personal life are also well-planned and carefully organized. Confidence and careful thinking are your strong points.


Short wedding dresses


Fun and flirty, these dresses are an extension of the fun part of your personality. so What your wedding dress says about your personality? You believe your wedding is all about enjoying yourself and making the occasion memorable in every possible way. You do not think twice about stepping away from tradition. If a stuffy wedding dress and train get in the way of your having fun and dancing to your heart’s content, you will pick a short, stylish number that you can enjoy your party in. The free spirit that you are, your way of thinking is quite unconventional. So, don’t be surprised if your mother knew you wouldn’t settle for a traditional wedding dress.


Bridal separates and pantsuits


Unique and unexpected, these are dress styles that tell of your strong sense of fashion and unconventional choices. You believe your wedding is the occasion to celebrate who you are, and not to bend to social expectations. You are independent, confident and determined in all your choices. Just like your wedding attire choice has its individuality, so does everything in your life.


Colorful dress


You don’t always get traditional choices, nor are you comfortable with going with them just to satisfy those around you. Your personality is vibrant, and so are your choices. So, it’s out with the white, and time to bring on the color! White or not, you know how to pick a dress that will let you stand out from the rest and shine as the bride. Whether you choose an entirely colored dress or one with pops of vibrant color, you know that your wedding is all about what you love, and you want to rock it.


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