Whisky & Women + The #PuroPromise


Whisky & Women + The #PuroPromise

#Espresso Please

The day started with a drop into one of my fav cafes – #SecondCup – I samples some products from their #betterforyou menu and was really impressed. I am a huge fan of the Egg White Wrap and their Green Mango Smoothie!


One thing that I love to do is try new things and be open to new experiences! I was invited to test out #Glenmorangie Whisky the other day at a #PrivateEdition event and was literally #whisked away by the experience! Oranges were selected as the feature fruit and it was something I noticed when actually testing out the three samples put in front of us! We were taken through the entire process – shown how #Glenmorangie Whisky went from conception to being delivered to our table.

The tasting was then followed up with a wonderful spread – greens, steak, fries, and pasta – the perfect way to end a wonderful event. The intimate nature of this event and the venue choice…really made it feel like we were all gathered around a table to celebrate an experience…our lives…and to connect with eachother! Definitely left a lasting impression!

The #PuroPromose

Once we came home and settled in for a bit, we then ordered two delish pizzas from #PizzaNova – one with #chicken, #mushrooms and #tomatoes and the other was a #bruschetta pizza topped with #blackolives – both with #wholewheat thin crust – making them as #healthy as possible. We learned that Pizza Nova actually has some pretty fresh ingredients and they don’t use antibiotics – which I was pleasantly surprised to discover!






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