Winter Classics


Winter Classics

We often wonder what makes something ‘classic’ – when does something going from being ‘trendy’ and ‘in’ for now – to being ‘in’ forever! The trouble with this…is that there isn’t really a formula that we can follow or look to…to make that distinction – but I usually notice a few things…that help me decide when something makes the ‘cut’ πŸ˜‰


Trench coats are one of those things that are always in – always a classic! The reason why I think trenches are true winter classics…is because they usually have very clean lines, and simple in overall look. They tend to be easy on the eyes!

High Boots

High Boots are always a great winter classic – they have always been ‘in’ – the ones that I think are much more ‘classic’ in look are again clean – usually something that doesn’t have a lot of buckles on it – and is either lose or tight around the leg. This is look always works and is one way to look ‘put-together’.

Low Boots

Low boots are always ‘in’ as well – they are a good way to stay stylish and warm in the winter – but to not feel overwhelmed by the size of the boot. The most classic ones will likely be flat, as they are the easiest go-to boot – one that is most likely comfortable and still stylish…but low boots can also be heeled and still look classic. I usually like to go with straight leather ones or suede boots – in a classic colour/shade – grey, black, brown.


Scarves are always in – they can dress up or dress down an outfit – depending on what look you are going for! If you want the upscale look – you can go with one of those smaller silk scarves and tie it closely to your neck…but if you want to keep it more casual…usually best to go with a plain and simple cashmere scarf – something that is again classic in colour as well – black, grey, brown.

Stylish Hat

Stylish hats have been ‘in’ forever – hats really have the ability to pull together a whole outfit. They definitely make a statement and would catch the eye of everyone in the room! For women especially – they really have the ability to give her a bit of masculinity…while also maintaining her femininity.

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