Winter to Spring – The Transition

Winter to Spring – The Transition


Winter to Spring – The Transition

Transitioning from Winter to Spring is not as hard as you think! Β But with seasons changing so often, it can feel like a bit of a challenge sometimes to figure out…what should stay in the closet…and what should be set aside for next year – next winter, next summer – next fall.

What You Should Hang On To

As a general rule, I like to hang on to tights, blazers – which are pretty much an ‘all-year-round’ thing for me – jeans – now easier to move into the ‘ripped’ jean look…with the weather being a bit milder – and boots. All of your ‘neutrals’ are still also a go – they are perfect for this season – it’s just that now you can explore lighter coats and jackets – start moving into leather, vegan leather, trenches – all those those stylish and ‘just warm enough’ options!

What Changes in Spring

Spring is a bit of a tough season, because it is still a little chilly at times, but also filled with a sense of brightness…freshness, newness – so we feel more inclined to add a bit more colour to our wardrobe! This is exactly the time of year when we start to see florals come into play and when the layers start coming off a bit. In addition to florals, we also start seeing a lot of general prints coming in – on dress shirts…silk tops etc. Prints can often be mixed with eachother, but the idea is to still maintain some bit of ‘easiness on the eyes’ in the process – this can be a bit challenging for those of you who might just be getting started with pairing up different outfits and getting an understanding of what works and doesn’t work – but one ‘easy’ go to rule that I like to follow is to pick ‘one’ piece that has patterns on it – and keep the rest of the outfit simple.

Spring Cleaning

Spring always serves as a time for change – a time to clean out – refresh – so always a good idea to revisit your closet and see what you want to still keep – throw out – donate etc. This allows you to stay on top of organizing your wardrobe, which in turn also help you stay clean and organized.
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