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These are our flavors:

Castillo Natural: Grape, Silky apple, Residual Cajura.

Castillo Varietal: Sour Mandarin, Sweet Caramel, Panela, Residual Lime.

Caturra: Fantastic Red Fruits, flavor accompanied by White Chocolate


Ingredients: 100% Arabica Coffee From Colombia.


Let’s just start off by saying that I think we can all agree it’s a jungle out there! You know what they say – you gotta hustle to gain some muscle! Ok well maybe that is just our own made-up expression, but you get it!

Things don’t just land on your lap. if you want something in your life you have to go after it! That’s where we come in – we’re here to empower you and support you the whole way through! Take that step today and make your dream a reality. Happy Sipping! Roasted by a Master Roaster in Ontario