This is definitely a question that I’m sure you’re all asking yourselves every single day.

Well – okay – maybe not everyday – maybe just every morning – afternoon and evening!

Let’s start by saying that you have landed in the right place.

This Chic Sophistic Hot Spot is all about Tea and we are really spilling the tea – on tea here!

We have thought through everything so carefully – and taken hours of time and effort to

really come up with the perfect formula for living your best life with our Chic Sophistic tea in hand!

Please see below for the Ultimate Chic Tea Equation!

1.  Set the Mood

First you need to sort through your thoughts and figure out exactly what kind of mood you’re in! Are you looking to get a boost of energy, or are you more interested in recovering from that exciting weekend that you had – and maybe looking for more of a detox vibe, or are you really just looking to sit back, relax and day dream a bit. Whatever your mood – we always have the perfect Chic Sophistic Tea to compliment it.

2. Turn The Pot On and Get Ready

This is the fun part. It’s officially time to turn that pot on and get that water boiling! The sound of water warming up to a boil is always exciting. It’s all about the anticipation and excitement that builds – as we wait to take our first full-bodied sip of Chic Sophistic Tea. Each or our teas if filled with goodness and a number of carefully sourced and natural ingredients – all for your pleasure and enjoyment.

3. Pick Your Cup and Sip Up

And now the finale. Now it’s time to pick your cup and sip up! Find that perfect spot to sit back – and taste all of our delicious tea flavours. Really take every opportunity to identify all of the different flavours and ingredients that come out as you enjoy your Chic Sophistic Tea experience. Everyone of us is unique and special and for that same reason – we want to ensure that all of your experiences with our tea are just as unique and special. It’s all about you!