Stephanie Kalen launched Chic Sophistic in July 2014 and used her blog as a way to express herself creatively!

She discovered that this was truly her passion – she loved sharing her Lifestyle, Fashion tips, Food choices, Travel destinations and experiences with the world.

New Ventures – The Chic Sophistic Cafe

At Chic Sophistic HQ – we are all about living your best life. Finding the magic in life every single day – and appreciating every moment – because they truly are precious ones. When we were aligning on

our preferred coffee experience – we really wanted it to be an organic – natural – full-bodied – flavourful experience – one that really takes things to the next level and makes every moment feel like a ‘magical one’.

The world is a jungle out there – so definitely want to make sure that we are prepare you for the world – and that we empower you with every sip! Happy Sipping! .

Who is Chic Sophistic?

The goal of this blog is to show women (and really everyone for that matter) that they can feel strong and empowered

if they truly believe in themselves. No matter who we are today, we can always be better.

She shares with others the way in which she chooses to lead her life, in the hopes that she inspires

them to find that beauty, belief and strength within themselves.

‘Staying ‘chic’ & ‘sophistic’ is not so hard and isn’t just reserved for the models. We all have the

ability to be chic & sophisticated…it is just a matter of believing in yourself and finding ways

to appreciate your own beauty’.

She always has a number of exciting projects on-the-go and hopes that you will continue to enjoy sharing in her journey ♥


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